An Analysis of Market Growth of Facial Rejuvenation Procedures with Sono Bello and Others

Bellevue, wa, is home to a wealth of cosmetic clinics, including Sono Bello.In a recent review, and analysis was conducted of the expected market growth for facial rejuvenation procedures between now and 2023. The report comments on leading brands for rejuvenation products. It has proven to be very helpful, particularly on the amp, with many other reviews now confirming that they dont believe the report to be in error.

Sono Bello and Other Key Facial Rejuvenation Players

The facial rejuvenation market is truly huge. It combines cosmetic and medical science in order to make the face look more youthful. Minimally-invasive procedures exist, as do completely non-invasive treatments. The aim is to restore the elasticity of the skin, particularly in the face and neck. It also helps to reverse the damage done by the sun. This is because it often focuses on reinstating natural production of collagen, thereby avoiding enlarged pores, wrinkles, freckles, sagging skin, spider veins, and spotting. Some of the key procedures offered to achieve this include cosmetic surgery, dermal fillers, chemical peels, topical creams, dermabrasion, and micro abrasion.

There are two reasons why there is set to be a huge increase in the global facial rejuvenation market. The first is simply that the population is growing period is that it is now far more accepted for people to have “something done”.  Considering as well that treatment has become more affordable and available, it is no surprise that so many people are looking for procedures. The only true issue is that there is a significant lack of professionals that have been properly trained. Some concerns also exist about the fact that not much clinical evidence is available on how effective it is, and international regulations leave a lot desired.

The research of which Sono Bello was part helped to segment the market for facial rejuvenation products. This is now agree to be:

  • Keratolytics.
  • Topical rejuvenation products.
  • Retinoids.
  • Moisturizers.
  • Hair removals.
  • Sunscreens.
  • Dermal fillers.
  • Botulinum products.
  • Non-absorbable products.
  • Absorbable products.
  • Micro abrasion equipment.
  • Chemical peels.
  • Ultrasound-based equipment.
  • Laser based equipment.

Additionally, the market itself has been segmented into dermatology clinics, hospitals, and others. It is important to make these differentiations because they’re reasoning behind offering your services often varies. For instance, a hospital is likely to be more concerned with offering cosmetic surgery to burn victims, where is a dermatology clinic will be more concerned in offering help to people with skin cancers. Fully cosmetic and plastic clinics are classed as “others”. 

The research also reported on a variety of other things, including the geographical locations where facial rejuvenation procedures are the most popular.  It will perhaps come as no surprise that the United States scored the highest on this list. This was followed by asia-pacific, then by Europe, next by Latin America, then the Middle East, and finally Africa. Each of these geographical areas also has significant differences in terms of which type of facial rejuvenation procedure they were most interested in.