Jeff Bezos targeting Moon


Talking about colonization on Mars we long forgot about our beloved moon. The beautiful natural satellite that has been a part of our life by flowing through rhymes and poems, being compared for the charm and glam, and a lot more. Ever since Mars came into the scene, poor Moon lost its importance. Students know nothing more about the moon than who was the first man to step on the moon. But recently, world’s richest person and his biggest space agency have decided to check out moon more often.

Jeff Bezos along with NASA have laid a plan to set up a base at the moon. Bezos wanted to set up a shop on the planet and while on the stage, during the International Space Development Conference, he told Geekwire’s Alan Boyle that Blue Origin would build a Blue Moon lunar lander whether NASA agrees for the project or not.

NASA has not explicitly stated its intentions for the project,