NASA plans to send geologists to Mars


After six years since the last man landed on Mars, NASA is all ready to throw a robotic geologist to the planet so that it can dig even further and bring up more data and information in respect of the temperature of the Planet. The Mars Insight Spacecraft is also scheduled to be launched this weekend. The primary objective of this Spacecraft would be to understand the reason behind the “marsquake.” Scientists are trying to scrutinize the wobbly rotation of Mars on its axis to have a better knowledge of the size as well as the contents of its core. The Insight Lander will allow the instruments to dig further into the planet to collect more data and samples as said by Bruce Banerdt who is the chief scientist of this mission.

The Europe-US mission values worth $1 billion. It is mainly established to better study the planet Mars, its materials, and its core components. By delving more profound,