NASA’s CubeSat Captures Distant Photo of Earth On Its Way to Mars


One of NASA’s MarCo CubeSats that launched with the Insight Mars lander on May 5 has sent a photo of planet earth to NASA. The CubeSats called MarCo-A and MarCo-B also called Eva, and Wall-E respectively are trendsetters. They are trendsetters because they are the first CubeSats that have ventured into deep space.

The photo taken by Wall-E shows the earth as a small blue dot and the moon also as a faint dot. This image is similar to the one snapped in 1990 by the Voyager 1. NASA was a little bit nervous about the success of the CubeSats since this is the first attempt. 

The photo taken by Wall-E indicates that the CubeSat has been able to unfold its antenna. The antenna is an instrument if the CubeSat will communicate to earth. 

The Insight Mars lander along with the CubeSats launched aboard a United Launch Alliance rocket called the Atlas V 401 rocket. The launch happened at 7:05