OnPage’s app updates ensure messages are safer and easier to deliver than ever 

OnPage’s updated app features improved in-app security as well as the ability to instantly know team members’ availability

OnPage Corporation, the industry’s leading Prioritized Secure Messaging and Incident Management System, today announced the release of an updated app to the AppStore and Google Store. The new features hone in on security and presence information. The addition of security features results from both user requests as well as a recognition of the need for increased security in today’s hacking-prone world. The presence information, while long available on the console, is now available to users with just the app, letting them know if colleagues are present and available.

Improved security

The releases, version 5.2.0 for the iPhone and 3.5.0 for the Android, present the user with greater ability to control the security of the OnPage application and thus greater ability to keep the content of messages secure.  With the new release, new users will:

  • Need to increase password length to 8-25 characters
  • Instantly be logged out after five failed log-ins

Using longer passwords diminishes the overall risk of a security breach. By using more characters, a password inevitably has more uncertainty and becomes harder to break through traditional dictionary-type attacks. Additionally, by logging people out after five failed attempts, OnPage limits the ability of unauthorized users to systematically attempt numerous guesses at the user’s actual password.

Empowering Incident responders

The new release also importantly provides users of the app with the ability to mirror the presence information found on the console. Formerly, only the administrator or individuals with access to the console were able to see whether colleagues were logged into the app or logged out. This lack of ability to see presence information on the app hindered users in the field from having access to this information. In the field, users with just an app could only know if a colleague was unavailable by sending a message that did not display as ‘read’.

Now, users do not need to waste time in knowing their colleagues’ status as they can immediately see if the colleague is logged in. The new feature shows:

  • Green icon: User is logged in and available for messaging and alerting
  • Red icon: User is signed out and unavailable
  • Yellow icon: User is signed in but their pager is off
  • Black icon: Group icon

With this knowledge a physician, IT professional or MSP can immediately reach out to their colleague or work groups to resolve an important issue. Inevitably the goal is to minimize response time and resolve issues quickly. With the colored icons, users are able to do just that.

According to OnPage Corporation’s CEO, Judit Sharon:

<<Whether for its healthcare clients who work with HIPAA, its MSPs resolving client issues in the field or its IT customers working in-house with peers to resolve critical outages, OnPage makes its clients’ needs for improved security and workflow paramount. This means that in a world where potential security breaches are always around the corner, we want to help our clients stay a step ahead of the bad guys. Additionally, in a world where workflow is at the core of improved outcomes, we want our clients to be equally prepared.>>

About OnPage

OnPage is the industry leading HIPAA secure Incident Alert Management System. Built around the incident resolution lifecycle, OnPage’s unique ALERT-UNTIL-READ alert continues for up to 8 hours and enables organizations to get the most out of their digitization investments. This ensures that sensors, monitoring systems, and people have a reliable means to escalate anomaly notifications to the right person immediately.

OnPage’s escalation policies, redundancies, and scheduling algorithms ensure that a critical message is never missed. Infinitely more reliable and secure than emails, text messages and phone calls combined, OnPage reduces incident resolution time by automating the notification process, reducing human errors, thereby improving productivity and advancing the digital operations of your business.

Whether to minimize IT infrastructure downtime, or to minimize response time of healthcare providers in life and death situations, organizations are heavily relying on OnPage for all their secure, HIPAA compliant, critical notifications needs.