Sildenafil Online for Shy Men

Viagra has been on the pharmaceutical market for more than twenty years. Since its appearance, it has been highly positioned on the market, and it has maintained its position even today, regardless of the growing competition. The science brings us new generations of drugs every day, and also if some of them are more effective than Viagra, this drug will be popular and used by patients for a long time.

The active ingredient of Viagra is Sildenafil. It is a highly potent, selective inhibitor of cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase (shortened PDE5). This process in the body is responsible for activating specific chemicals in the brain after sexual excitement. This process transfers to the penis, and then an erection occurs. In people suffering from sexual dysfunction, this process can’t be done, and the reasons may be psychic and physical.

Viagra Sildenafil should only be used when there are sexual desire and stimulation. It should not be used to induce them, as this medicine will not be effective in that case. Therefore, sexual stimulation is a condition for the pharmacological effect of the drug.

Common Misconception about Viagra Sildenafil

So far, no medicine caused such attention as Viagra. This drug with its active ingredient Sildenafil is characterized as the first pill for the treatment of impotence (erectile dysfunction). Given the excellent marketing and the fact that the problem is effectively solved, everyone wanted to try it, whether they needed it or not. Many misunderstood its effectiveness, they thought it was a magic pill that could increase sexual desire, the so-called aphrodisiac. 

This is one of the main reasons why misuse of this medicine can occur. It is essential to understand its mechanism of action, since many men incorrectly used this medicine, and this trend seems to continue with newer generations of drugs. Unfortunately, there were numerous complications from the whole situation, and some even ended with death, and almost always the producer was blamed.


Patients who suffer from angina pectoris should not be allowed to take Viagra. People who have been prescribed nitroglycerine or any of medication for heart disorders, even if they never start this therapy should not take medicines for the treatment of sexual dysfunction. 

The same thing is with people suffering from chronic illness. The use of Viagra Sildenafil should be consulted with your doctor, as this drug can be potentially harmful if you misuse it. Take special care of this if you want to get Viagra online. Consider the overall health status as well as the additional therapies you take.

Side effects of Viagra Sildenafil

Common side effects of Viagra are dizziness, headache, indigestion, and nausea. These symptoms are common and disappear after a few days.

Also, it often happens that the drug does not have any effect after several days from the beginning of the treatment. Do not give up, unless you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Heart rhythm disorders
  • Changes in vision, hearing, or tasting
  • Breath loss

One of the more severe symptoms is the appearance of priapism. This condition can easily be confused with the real erection, but the difference is that normal erection does not hurt, and lasts as long as there is sexual stimulation. Priapism is the unexpected state of stiffness that brings a certain degree of pain and continues for a very long time.

Buying Viagra online for shy men

Men often ignore their health and are mostly indifferent to it. This applies to everything except when it comes to their sexual life. Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a scary thing that most men are afraid of, no matter how old they are. For them, it is a shame to show sexual impossibility in front of a lady, regardless of the reason for it.

Unfortunately, even in the 21st century, we still face prejudices about sexual dysfunctions. Because of this problem, only those “bravest” decide to visit a doctor, while most men will search for help on the Internet, reading the medical references and experiences of others. This is a good way to get information about Viagra, but it should not be crucial for your decision to buy Sildenafil online, with or without a prescription.

From the many websites that offer Viagra, it’s hard to choose the right one. Some of these pages provide false drugs, which is not only ineffective but can also be dangerous. While it may be tempting to order on the first site you see, due to incredible discounts or once-in-a-lifetime sales, it’s essential to do more detailed research before ordering Viagra.

To ensure a safe purchase of Viagra Sildenafil, find a website that offers online consultation. This way you will avoid the possibility of abuse, but also many fake drugs that can be found on the web. After a thorough evaluation, an expert will permit you to purchase Viagra online.

Given the popularity of these drugs, it is obvious that there is a black market, and therefore a lot of forgeries. It is also necessary to check the shelf life of the product, which is embedded in the package.

Which websites should you avoid?

We have already explained that Viagra is not an aphrodisiac. If you notice that a web store advertises the drug in this way, do not buy it anywhere. These drugs generally contain the active substance Sildenafil, but not in the appropriate dose. Most often, then they are bad copies that do not have any effect.

If you go online for Viagra Sildenafil, you will notice that many poorly designed websites offering this medicine at meager prices. Often they have some promotions where they give a discount on the purchased amount, or free shipping, or even give out Viagra tablets with the purchase of another drug. The first thing, Viagra is a drug that has its price, and every significant variation clearly says it’s not an original drug. Something that can be acquired legally on a prescription, no one will give you for free, because there is already a developed market for this medicine. So, avoid the offers that bring spam e-mails in your inbox every day, and promise you a magic effect, turning you into a perpetual mobile sex robot.