Space Heater Causes Fire In Apartment

A Los Angeles apartment caught in the late hours of Tuesday, April 17, 2018. The apartment is located in Central Valley and the fire is believed to be caused by a Space heater. Fortunately, nobody was injured in the fire.

According to the Las Vegas Fire Department spokesman Tim Szymanski, the fire was reported just before midnight. The report was made by a resident who came home to meet an unusual scene in his apartment. His window blinds were melted and his glass turned black obviously from the smoke.

According to Tim Szymanski, the firefighters found a mattress on fire in one of the bedrooms in the apartment. The fire was put out in minutes. They also found a space heater next to the mattress.

The investigations that the space heater sparked fire catching the mattress before spreading in the apartment. Las Vegas Fire Rescue put up an update on Twitter. In the updates, it was revealed that the damage caused by the fire is worth $1500. Although no one was injured, one person has been displaced.

Space heaters have been known to cause fire on rare occasions. In some cases, the results are deadly. In March last year, the fire caused by space heater killed four children and caused severe injuries in three other children. It was revealed that the fire ignited as a result of combustible materials being placed too close to the space heater.

The fire occurred in a rural town located in Oregon. The family said that they bought the space heater to keep them warm until they repair their damaged fireplace.

On January 21, 2018, a space heater caused another fire in an apartment in Orlando, Florida. Fire investigated revealed that the fire was started by a child who was trying to ignite paper on a space heater. Although no one was killed in the fire, the fire displaced at least 48 residents.

The fire affected 10 apartments The fire caused extensive damage to the electrical wiring to the apartment and power had to be shut off.

Space heaters are safe when used with caution. Jamie Novak, a fire investigator cautioned that it is important to plug your space heater directly into the wall. This is because space heaters draw a lot of electricity even though they are small. He stressed that most extension cords cannot handle the huge amount of electricity required by these heaters.