The 1st Color Video of Earth from Space – Earth-i

Earth-i is a British Earth-imaging company, which recently launched a commercial satellite, VividX2, into space in January this year. The company later released a mind breaking full-color video of the Earth taken from space. The color footage included clips from different places around the Earth depicting the life on earth like cars driving in Argentina, aeroplanes moving in Dubai Airport, a ship leaving the Trondheim port in Norway and more.

A commercial color video taken from space is the first one in the world and is a breakthrough for the industry. More videos can be acquired every day and the quality and depth of the footage will take Ear observation analytics to a whole new level. A full range of contextual insights can be derived from this video capturing that the still imagery.

The new video of the Earth-i was unveiled on April 16th, Monday at the thirty-fourth Space Symposium where the company also demonstrated VividX2’s capability to capture 2 minutes of high-definition video of a point as it flies above that place.

The VividX2 satellite weighs about 100 kilograms (220 lbs.) and has a space of about 35 cubic feet. The Earth is orbited by this satellite at a speed of 25,200 km/h (15,658 mph) and an altitude of 505 kilometers (314 miles). The satellite was one of the Indian Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle’s payloads and was launched into orbit on 12th January.

According to the statement given by Earth-i, the capabilities of the VividX2 satellite are numerous. It can provide high definition photos and color video with a better resolution than one meter for any specified location on the planet. It can record and analyze any moving objects like vessels, aircraft and even cars in ultra HD color video. The same location can be revisited several times per day and analyzed, with the help of agile satellites pointed to capture that specific place of interest and imagery with high frame rate can be acquired. The satellite can also be tasked repeatedly and rapidly to capture images and videos, and the fast download will be possible within minutes. Information with a more in-depth knowledge of motion and time can be delivered by this satellite.

The current mission of the VividX2 is not a project of Earth-i alone and is in collaboration with the U.K. Defence Science and Technology Laboratories, U.K. Ministry of Defence and the Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. which is also a U.K based company.


British Earth-Imaging Company Released Its First Earth’s Full-Color Video Taken By Its VividX2