A Breakthrough for Independent Films

The availability of affordable portable camera and editing programs has opened new opportunities for talented new filmmakers.  Nowadays it’s possible to shoot an entire movie on a portable camera or even on a new iPhone.  But reduction in filming costs has not opened a direct path from independent filmmakers to viewers.  In fact, the lion’s share of film budgets is spent on distribution and marketing.

Built on blockchain technology, MoviesChain by TVzavr platform is a solution to this problem.  It provides art house projects the opportunity to reach viewers in online movie theaters as opposed to traditional ones.  Independent film fans can watch movies from both their favorite and new directors both comfortably and at a low cost.  The MoviesChain project is being launched by TVzavr – one of the biggest online movie theaters in Russia and presented at Berlin International Film Festival 2018.

Analytical reports show that intermediaries are currently receiving about half of the proceeds from film rentals, which amounts to about $10 billion every year. Removing them from the distribution chain will allow filmmakers to keep more money in their pockets (something very important when film budgets are limited) and reach out directly to fans. Views won’t have to check movie theaters to find out when films from their favorite directors are playing.  Instead, they can just register for the service and everything will be available in just a few clicks.

Analysts estimate the share of the independent film industry in the world to be worth $20 billion a year. Meanwhile, the number of art house films produced is constantly growing. Independent filmmakers have increased their share from 1/3 to 3/4 of total film production since 2005. The share of online movie theaters is also growing.  MoviesChain by TVzavr will challenge the monopoly held by major studios and make it easier for new players to enter the market.  It will also drastically reduce the amount of money required to start production.

MoviesChain by TVzavr will enable filmmakers to start earning money as soon as their films are finished and give viewers legal online access to the latest movies.