CR Basement Waterproofing Announces New Warranty Option

25-Year Warranty Option is Now Available for Select Full-Basement Waterproofing Packages

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The Toronto-based basement waterproofing authority, CR Basement Waterproofing, has offered professional waterproofing services to the Toronto area for years. Rather than addressing basement moisture concerns with slapdash, quick-fix “solutions,” this company specializes in treating the root cause of the problem. With high standards and a value that you can put your trust in, CR Basement Waterproofing in Toronto has put to rest the worries of hundreds of Canadians whom don’t want to see their basements destroyed by water. 

For a decade, CR Basement Waterproofing has been the go-to waterproofing experts for residents all over the Toronto region. Mitigating the health concerns-such as mold, which can be toxic-associated with damp or flooding basements, their services create a healthier basement in which your family can live and breathe easily. 

Waterproofing basements is the specialty of CR Basement Waterproofing, though it isn’t their only arena of expertise. Moldy, musty, or humid basements could all stand to gain from a bit of TLC courtesy of these Toronto waterproofing experts. 

The installation of a new drainage system or the routine maintenance of your existing drainage system can greatly boost the healthiness and the value of your home. This practical water removal solution will keep your basement and overall home drier, thus reducing the risks of mold and their airborne spores associated with it-which is responsible for hundreds of illnesses every year. 

Underpinning allows for the floor of a basement to be lowered, creating more space for you to utilize in the subterranean rooms of your home. This is another area in which CR Basement Waterproofing specializes. 

Whether it’s the interior or the exterior of your home that needs some added protection against water, CR Basement Waterproofing understands the necessity of this and act accordingly.  

CR Basement Waterproofing has announced the issuance of a new warranty system for full-basement waterproofing packages offered by the company. Upon buying one of these select packages, customers will now have the option of receiving a 25-year warranty to protect their investment. Your satisfaction is guaranteed for two and a half decades, giving you additional peace of mind as the years go on. You’ll know that your basement and your wallet are both protected against the ravages caused by unwanted basement moisture. 

Don’t gamble with the future of your basement, as a lack of due attention could result in structural and health concerns that will affect everyone in your home. CR Basement Waterproofing is here to ensure that your home remains a safe from basement flooding and healthy space for all. 

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