Is it possible for us to mine in Space?


In the present era, so many space activities are going on, like sending heavy space vehicles to space, establishing internet communication system on the spacecraft, making plans for landing crewed ships on the Mars. In such a scenario, is it possible for us to start mining in space as well? Well, this a question whose answer we are still to unlock.

In case of the future, profit-space-mining companies such as Planetary Resources and Deep Space industries will enter into a pact with NASA to transfer small satellites to analyze comic debris as well as lucrative harvesting options. But only because we can initiate the mining process does not imply that we should start the mining process. This was viewed by Ramin Skibba who is an astrophysicist and space explorer.

The Space Act that was passed in the year of 2015 allowed the US President “facilitate the commercial exploration and utilization of space resources to meet national needs.” However previous international