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The industry of spacecraft and space exploration is attracting new investors by day. The recent investor to join them is Jeff Bezo. Jeff Bezo’s main goal is fulfilling the desire of many tourists to travel to space and have an opportunity of exploring a new and different planet. This will be a dream come true to many tourists around the world all thanks to Blue Origin. This is according to a report released by Jeff Bezo’s Chief Executive Officer Bob Smith.

Bob Smith further told CNBC’s Morgan Brennan that they are committed to their course and they will work hard to materialize it. CNBC’s was interviewing Bob Smith at 34th Space Symposium located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Morgan Brennan from CNBC enquired much from Bob Smith wanting to find out what their main plan is and the timeline they have set for reaching their goal of sending tourists to space.

Although Bob Smith didn’t give a firm confirmation, instead, he spoke cautiously saying they are very optimistic. He however assured them according to the plans they have in place, it is very possible for them to achieve this before the end of the year. The first step in achieving any goal is a positive mindset and for that we are well set.

According to Smith, the thing Jeff Bezo’s team wants is to ensure they are working on something every time. Whether it is actual operations or step-by-step development, Jeff Bezo’s team is fully committed and ready to make sure everything is completely safe for the tourists travelling to space.

Billionre Bezos who is also the Amazon boss shared a video at the end of December set inside a nice Blue Origin rocket with Mannequin Skywalker (a dummy) inside. This was to give an illustration of how it will be to have an individual or a tourist travelling with Blue Origin to space.

The capsule that has been developed to take tourists to space has room for six and its 530 cubic feet according to the team in charge from Blue Origin website. “The capsule is big enough for an adult to turn weightless somersaults and float freely,” Bezo’s space company says.

Space tourists will have an opportunity of traveling to West Texas a day or two before they get to the launching site of the capsule and the rocket. They will be take through safety training and mission instruction and stimulation on the space trip they are about to begin.


Blue Origin might make Trip to Space possible this Year


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