Can human conceive in space?

Is the question ever haunted you ‘Can human conceive in space?’ Well! NASA can give you the answer now. As luxury space hotels and long-term Mars missions are the reality now, so one step ahead they want to see if the human reproduction is also possible in the weightlessness of the space?

NASA scientists want to see how human sperm operate in space. Is the microgravity there anyway can affect the activity of sperm or the sperm can freely move there to fuse with an egg. Delay or difficulties at this stage can prevent the fertilization process in space.

In this mission named The Micro-11 mission, an ample amount of frozen human and bull sperms sent to the International Space Station (ISS) by the Falcon 9 rocket. The scientists will defrost the sperms there and study the sperms behavior inside the station’s microgravity. The astronauts there will make the video of the study and send the recordings back to earth to analyze. The Bull sperm is chosen as it is more active than the human sperm. The scientists want to study their comparative activity.

As the research is over in space, the sperms will bring back to the laboratory of the University of Kansas for further studies. According to the press report, it is said that the scientists here will study how the space environment affects the behavior of the sperm.

This is not the first time when this type of experiment is being done. In 2017, NASA sent frozen mouse sperm in space. The sperms survived 9 months through the entire ISS trip and successfully brought back to earth and given birth to mice on earth. In 1998 also, scientists experimented with marine invertebrates like snails and water fleas and proved that they are able to reproduce in space. A four months trip of Mir Space Station, the marine invertebrates continued their life-cycles inside a water-filled tank.

After this mission as we will be able to know, how the sperm actually behaves in space, more other queries are going to rise. What about the difficulties to have sex in space? Can human survive giving birth in space in microgravity? How can we overcome that huge level of radiation? Or whether after birth the child would be able to develop normally at this without gravity state?
NASA has already declared that as the Micro-11 mission will over, they are going to study the sex in space.

So it seems to be a truth that there is a chance of prolonged travel at outer space as NASA has already started to take a step. Now let’s wait and watch…


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