There is Hope for SETI in the Long run


There is a probability that Congress may set aside funds for the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (1992). That was a surprise to many people because it would mark the first time that they are doing that. Equally important, it is 25 years since its existence. In 1992, SETI came onto existence courtesy of NASA. It involved the construction of two massive radio telescopes. Each one of them was stationed in either Puerto Rico or California. Their mission was to search the universe for not only sign of life but also technologies.

Things seemed alright until the following year. Richard Bryan who was serving as the Senator of Nevada at that time pulled it out. That marked the end of SETI receiving funding from the government. As much as it has been a long time, there is hope that that was not the eventual fate after all. Why? We have all the answers in this piece.

A bill regarding the matter